IAMV Youth


Based on several requests from many IAMV members, IAMV started a youth group to provide our kids a chance to develop community spirit and leadership abilities; complete volunteer work for their college application; and have fun. This youth group has been a great success last year.

Youth group has an elected executive team consisting of President, Vice President, Treasurer, General Secretary and Public Relations Lead. This helps introduce our kids to various challenging roles and develop leadership skills.
There are several activities planned for the youth group, such as:

  1. Volunteer work, e.g. group is scheduled to do a 2-hour volunteer work at Sutton Hill Center every month.
  2. A program to celebrate a day with special significance to Indian community, e.g. Independence Day, Republic Day or Gandhi Jayanti.
  3. Entertainment: for example, a day at amusement park, movie or a get together at IAMV member’s house.

Based on above plan, youth group will be required to meet 10-14 times a year assuming at least one meeting prior to an event and the event itself.

Primary goals for the youth group:

  1. Develop community spirit; give them a venue and opportunity to bond with each other.
  2. Develop leadership abilities. This would be useful for their college application as well as any community activities. E.g. IAMV.
  3. Integration of Indian community with the local community, e.g. town or local event planners.

We cannot do any of above without interest and involvemen from each one of you. Parents of eligible youth, age 13-18. Please contact Gulshan Dudani at gulshan_r3g@yahoo.com