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Our Team



Neeraj Sangal (Chairman)


Dhar Bharatula (Vice-Chairman)


Jit Goela (Director)


Leena Valecha (Director)


Suresh Dewani (Director)

Executive Committee



Pushpak Patel


Vice President

Gulshan Dudani


General Secretary

Open Position


Cultural Secretary

Nipa Mehta



Tulan Kantesaria

Operations Committee


Chandrika Shah (Chair)


Usha Agarwal

Cultural Committee


Nipa Mehta (Chair)


Hemangi Mahadik

Finance Committee


Tulan Kantesaria (Chair)

Public Relations Committee


Tapasya Srivastava (Chair)


Shweta Agrawal

Decorations Committee


Bindi Patel (Chair)


Administration Committee


Open Position

Youth Group


Gulshan Dudani (Chair)


Namita Singh


** If anyone is interested in open position(s) or would like to volunteer, please contact Leena Valecha at 978-930-0334

We greatly appreciate all the time and effort put by the members of the IAMV committee and volunteers in organizing the event. We are also grateful to our advertisers and sponsors for their support.