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Guidelines for the Cultural Program

The IAMV board and members of the executive committee came up with guidelines for furthering the following objectives which are listed in order of priority:

1. Promote Indian culture in the local community

2. Provide and maximize opportunities to the children and adults of IAMV to perform.

3. Provide entertainment to the attendees of IAMV functions.

A performance is subject to cancellation if any participant (including choreographer) fails to adhere to these guidelines.

1. The IAMV cultural program consists of many performances. Each performance must be led by a responsible adult choreographer. An older child can be a choreographer if a responsible adult is involved in the performance.

2. Choreographers can be denied choreography in future programs if they are unable to live up to their responsibilities as described in these guidelines.

3. If too many entries are received, some performances may be combined together or reconsidered for a future program.

4. To participate in the cultural program a child must be 6 years or older on the day of the function. Choreographers are responsible for checking the ages of the children in the performance.

5. Each participant can be in only one performance. However, a choreographer can choreograph more than on performance in a program.

6. Songs cannot be duplicated in solo or medley performances.

7. The following are the allotted time and the number of children in each group:

Age Group

Minimum Number of Participants

Time Allotted

6 to 10

6 or more

4 minutes

11 to 14

4 or more

5 minutes

15 and older

2 or more

5 minutes

High school Seniors

1 or more

5 minutes

8. Special entry performances are exempt from the rules on minimum number of participants or time allotted. However, they may be required to audition and need the approval of the Cultural Secretary.

9. High school juniors, seniors and adults can apply to be Master of Ceremonies (MC) for the program. Cultural secretary in consultation with the president will select the MC. Preference will be given to an applicant who has been an IAMV member for at least one year and has the capability to do the job well.

10. Choreographers must provide the names and ages of participants, and complete program details when they submit an entry for the cultural program.

11. Choreographers must collect and provide the payment for the entry fee within one week after receiving confirmation of acceptance.

12. Choreographers are responsible for maintaining order within their group during trophy distribution.

13. The Cultural Secretary will try to place any children who are interested in participating but are unable to find a group.

14. Attendance in the rehearsal is mandatory.

15. Smoking, drinking or the use of illegal substances is strictly prohibited. The entire performance will be cancelled if a participant is found smoking, drinking or engaging in any illegal or inappropriate activity. Such actions may also lead to prohibition from participating in future programs.

16. Members of the audience should not block the view of others by raising their arms or standing up to take pictures. The Cultural Secretary will attempt to designate a place from where pictures may be taken without causing inconvenience to others.

17. The Cultural Secretary will normally not solicit performances. If there are insufficient entries after the deadline for submission, the Cultural Secretary may solicit performances from individuals or groups.

18. The Cultural Secretary will provide operational details to choreographers and other IAMV volunteers for safe and orderly operation of the program.

19. The decision of the Cultural Secretary, acting on behalf of IAMV, in the selection of performances for the program is final.

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