Under the provision of the Association’s constitution Section 4.5, the Executive Committee may set up subcommittees to assist it in carrying out various routine tasks of the Association or to undertake specific special projects.




The Executive Committee shall nominate the chairperson of such subcommittee, and the chairperson in consultation with the Executive Committee may appoint two to six other members. Executive Committee shall assign one of its members as the person responsible for overseeing the activities of the subcommittee and facilitating a two-way link between the Executive Committee and the subcommittee.




The Executive Committee may assign to the subcommittee the specific goals and tasks to be accomplished and may lay down minimum operational procedures and framework to monitor the progress and ensure that the assigned mission is completed successfully.




Within thirty days after the subcommittee is formed, the subcommittee shall prepare a charter statement and obtain the Executive Committee’s approval of the same. The charter statement shall include all applicable items from the following: a) subcommittee name, b) name of the members and the chairperson, c) goals/objectives, and list of major tasks, d) Mode of operation, such as frequency of meetings, reports, e) Sunset clause or the date when the subcommittee is to be disbanded.




All members of the subcommittees shall be responsible for carrying out the mission assigned to it in
an organized and orderly manner. The subcommittee shall operate only within the framework of its charter.

The chairperson shall be responsible for maintaining minutes of the subcommittee meetings and copy the same to the President. He/She shall periodically report the status to the Executive Committee.




The Executive Committee shall have the power to dismiss or reconstitute the subcommittee in its entirety.




The term of such subcommittees shall expire with the term of the Executive Committee. The new Executive Committee may re-appoint and reconstitute the subcommittee for on-going continuous missions or tasks needing completion.




Executive committee and Board of Directors shall create new by Laws as per need, e.g., India Center, Community Center, etc., and have those approved by the general membership in a General Body Meeting