A. CONSTITUTION / Principles of Existence



 The name of the association shall be Indian Association of Merrimack Valley, herein after referred to as the Association.




 The Association shall primarily be a cultural, educational and charitable organization. The purpose of the Association shall be to encourage those people with ancestral origin in India or people who are otherwise interested in India, to form an effective and cohesive group with the objective of retaining, felicitation and fostering the cultural heritage of India, including ethnic arts, languages and religions of its people. The Association shall add to the richness of the cultural diversity of the region and shall become a window into the cultural heritage of India for the local community. The Association shall be non-political and non-sectarian. It shall not subscribe to any one religion and shall not discriminate against any person because of his or her religious beliefs or ethnic background.




The Association shall be charitable and non-profit. Its income shall be derived from the membership dues, from charitable donations and grants from members, corporations, and other friends of the Association, from investments, and from various other functions and fund raising events.




 The membership of the Association shall be open to any person, 18 years or older, who is committed to the AssociationŐs purpose and objectives and is willing to abide by its constitution and Bylaws.




 The organizational structure of the Association shall consist of four elements: (I) the General Body of Members, (ii) the elected Executive Committee, (iii) the elected Board of Trustees, and (iv) various elected or appointed Committees and subcommittees. Each organizational element shall enjoy specific rights and shall discharge its responsibilities in accordance with this Constitution and the Bylaws of the Association.




 The Association shall exist in accordance with the principles outlined in this Article and the provisions of this constitution, and the additional provisions in the Bylaws of the Association created in accordance with the spirit and letter of this constitution