B. THE ASSOCIATION BYLAWS / Nominating Committee







The Nominating Committee shall be responsible for an orderly conduct of the Association’s elections in accordance with the provisions of the Association Constitution and Bylaws. It shall be responsible for soliciting nominations for all the open positions for elections after the defined process is executed and no nominations are received. It shall prepare and present a slate of candidates to the General Body Meeting.








The nominating committee shall comprise of three members.




The term of the Committee shall be two years.








The chairperson of the Committee shall meet with the Executive Committee at least three months before the elections to prepare and plan the election process, including the process of collecting nominations.




The committee shall send out election notices with available positions in the executive committee as well as Board of Directors with appropriate qualifications and clearly indicated deadline for submission of the names of the nominees.




If number of nominations exceed the needed nominations for any given position, then the elections will be held using the procedure described below. However, if nominations are insufficient for any given position(s), there will be no elections and the Executive committee and / or Board of Directors shall nominate a candidate.




The chairperson of the Committee shall preside over the election process. In case the chairperson is unable to carry this task, then the chairperson shall appoint one of the other members of the Committee to preside over the election process.




The Committee shall not nominate one of its members to any position. In case of a conflict of interest, the Committee member shall first resign from the Committee.