A. CONSTITUTION / General Election



The election of all elected office bearers of the Association shall be held during the Annual General Body Meeting.




Bylaws of the Association shall make provision for election & a Nominating Committee, which shall be responsible for an orderly conduct of the election process.




The election date shall be announced at least two weeks in advance. The Nominations for all office bearer positions open for election shall be submitted to the Nominating Committee at least one week prior to the election date.




The nominating Committee shall submit a slate of the office bearers to the General Body on the day of election.




The voting shall be done by a secret ballot for positions receiving multiple nominations.




If the General body meeting fails to achieve the quorum, the election of the office bearers may be completed by a majority vote of the members present at the meeting and shall be validated by the majority vote of the Board of Trustees. If this process fails to complete an election process, Board of trustees will have 90 days to organize another election. In the mean time, the existing executive committee continues.




In the event an elected post becomes vacant before the term of the post expires, then the post may be filled temporarily by appointment by the president of the executive committee and the chairman of the board of trustees.