B. THE ASSOCIATION BYLAWS / Executive Committee







As per the provisions of the Association Constitution Section 4.3, the Executive Committee shall consist of the minimum of the following five members:
(1) President, (2) Vice-President, (3) General Secretary, (4) Treasurer, and (5) Cultural Secretary




The term of the Executive Committee shall be for two years. A member of Executive Committee may not serve more than two consecutive terms in the same post.




Eligibility: A person nominated for a post in the Executive Committee shall be a dues paying member of the Association for at least one full year prior to the election date. In addition, a person nominated for the position of the President shall meet the following requirements:
Two years experience as a member of the Executive Committee or as member of the Board of Trustees or as a chairperson of a Committee or a subcommittee of the Association.








President: The President of the Association shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Association. He/she shall convene, conduct and preside over the Association’s functions. The General Body Meetings and the Executive Committee Meetings. He/She shall ensure that the decisions of the Executive Committee are implemented in a timely manner. Upon request, he/she shall periodically brief the Board of Trustees about the status of the Association.

In addition, the president develops yearly budgets and present to the board by 31st December for approval. Incorporates recommendations from the board to finalize the budget. The budget must be finalized by January 31 of the calendar year. The newly elected committee shall be involved in the preparation of the budget, if applicable.

Annual financial summary report to be published on the IAMV web site and paper copy distributed at the Diwali program.




Vice President: The Vice President shall assist the President in carrying out his/her responsibilities. He/she shall perform the duties of the President when the President is absent.




General Secretary: General Secretary shall be responsible for sending out notices of the Executive Committee meetings and keeping the minutes of the Executive Committee and General Body Meetings. He/She shall be responsible for all correspondences of the Association. He/she shall assist the President in coordinating the activities of the Executive Committee. He/she shall perform the duties of the President / Vice President when the President / Vice President is absent. He/she will be responsible for sending out notices of membership renewals.





a. Shall receive all funds, including dues, fees, charges and other assessments and shall deposit such funds in the name of the association in banks or other depositories.

b. All bills in the name of the Society shall be submitted to the Executive committee within two weeks of the receipt of the bill. All expenses incurred for the Society shall be discussed during the monthly meeting of the

Executive Committee and only then the Treasurer or the President shall be authorized to pay the bills.

c. Shall disburse funds only as authorized by the (1) Signature authority identified in 11.3.4.i, and (2) Association's Board of Directors, shall keep appropriate records of receipts and expenses, and shall exhibit such records at all reasonable times to any of the Board of Directors.

d. Shall receive membership dues, and maintain membership roster. Also, works with the General Secretary to send out the membership due notices.

Shall complete, execute and file any statements or returns incidental to federal or local taxation.

f. Shall prepare and present financial statements at the Board of Director's and General Body Meetings, or as directed by the Board.

g. Shall facilitate an audit of accounts by independent auditors or by the audit committee.

h. Shall maintain an up to date list of the assets of the society.

i. The association checks must be signed by two elected members of the executive committee - the treasurer, the president, the vice president, the secretary, listed in order of preference.

j. Shall format the accounting spreadsheet to include budget vs. actual for each program/function.

k. Shall present account to the board/executive committee within four weeks of the program.

l. Shall reconcile bank statement and check book, on a monthly basis.

m. Shall maintain receipts for all expenses.

n. Shall maintain back-up records - hard and electronic copy, if possible.




Cultural Secretary: Cultural Secretary shall take the initiative and leadership in formulating and organizing the cultural activities and programs of the Association. He/she shall also be responsible in coordinating any outside programs sponsored by the Association.




Over and beyond the specific responsibilities listed above, each member of the Executive Committee shall also carry out any additional duties delegated to him/her by the Executive Committee or by the President.








The Executive Committee shall meet at least once every quarter. The business conducted in the meeting may include review and planning of the Association activities, review of financial status and authorization of payments of the outstanding bills of the Association.




In case of an emergency the President may use telephone consultations with members of the Executive Committee, in lieu of an Executive Committee Meeting. Full transcript of such discussions and decisions made shall be documented and included as part of the minutes of the subsequent meeting of the Executive Committee.




The quorum of the Executive Committee shall consist of at least four members. A simple majority vote of all present in the meeting shall be used for the passage of all transactions.



The Executive Committee may request the Board of Trustees to send one of its members to attend the Executive Committee meeting to represent the Board. The Executive Committee may also call upon the chairpersons of the Association’s Committees and subcommittees to brief the Executive Committee about the status of their respective activities.