A. CONSTITUTION / Executive Committee



The Executive Committee of the Association shall be an elected body of members entrusted with the task of organizing and carrying out all necessary activities and functions to fulfill the mission, goals and objectives of the Association.




The Executive Committee shall be responsible for developing and managing the financial and membership resources of the Association. It shall be responsible for planning and executing Association’s programs. It shall formulate policies and procedures for the Association. It shall work along with the Board in formulating the long-range development plans for the Association.




The Executive Committee shall consist of President, a Vice-President, a Treasurer, a General Secretary, and other elected members as designated by the Bylaws of the Association.




The President of the Association shall be the head of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee members shall be jointly and individually responsible for the successful and orderly conduct of Association’s activities and programs.




The Executive Committee shall have the power to appoint standing Committees, subcommittees and ad-hoc Committees to help it carry out variety of tasks, functions and initiatives of the Association. The Executive Committee shall also have power to dismiss or reconstitute such Committees partially or entirely.




The Bylaws of the Association may further specify the term, roles and responsibilities and the eligibility criteria for the members of the Executive Committee.