A. CONSTITUTION / Dissolution of the Association



If the Association ceases to function or if the Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees feel that the Association is no longer able to fulfill its original goals and objectives outlined in this constitution (article 1.2) then the Executive Committee may recommend to the Board of Trustees to dissolve the Association.

The Chairman of the Board is obligated to call a special General body meeting within 90 days after receiving written request from the Executive Committee.

A motion for the dissolution of the Association shall be placed before the General Body. If the motion is passed by a 2/3rd-majority vote of all active members of the Association then the Association shall be dissolved.

Immediately following the dissolution of the Association, the Executive Committee was as well as the General Body shall be disbanded. The Board of Trustees however, shall continue to function for a period of 60 days. During this period it shall payoff all liabilities of the Association from the Association’s assets and shall disperse any remaining assets according to the Asset Dispersion plan previously approved by the General Body.