A. CONSTITUTION / Board of Trustees



The Board of Trustees, herein after referred to as the Board, shall be the elected body of members entrusted with the task of protecting and preserving the Association, and ensuring that the Association functions according to the provisions of its constitution and Bylaws. The Board shall not have day-to-day executive responsibility but shall exercise an overseeing and advisory role over the Executive Committee. The Board shall have the power to initiate a motion to dismiss the Executive Committee under extenuating circumstances following the procedures outlined in this constitution if the Executive Committee fails to maintain and carry forward fundamental purpose of the Association.




The Bylaws of the Association shall define the composition, term and the process of electing the Board members and may further specify the roles and responsibilities of the Board and the qualifications for the Board members.




The Board shall be responsible for creating and maintaining an up-to-date Association’s Assets Dispersion Plan. This plan shall be used for an orderly disposal of all Association’s assets in the event General Body passes a motion to dissolve the Association. The Board shall be responsible for keeping the plan current by making periodic updates and obtaining the approval of the General Body after each update.