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Summer Picnic



IAMV Diwali

Thank you for making the Summer Picnic event a big success. Now after the successful Summer Picnic, let us enjoy winter with a warm and delightful Diwali.


North Andover High School, N Andover, MA


17th November 2007


5:30 PM Social Hour, Games, Snacks
6:30 PM Cultural Program
Followed by: Dinner, DJ and dance.

Diwali Cultural Program

The deadline for participating in the cultural program for Diwali 2007 has already passed. However, in the future please visit the website at for a complete information, rules and regulations for all upcoming cultural events.


Please note: All the selected participants must send their Checks by October 1st to Mamta Lohia to reserve their place in the cultural program. Failing to do so will cause their entry to be cancelled. Due to the large attendance in our last function, we had to regretfully refuse entry to the families of participants. To ensure entrance the participantís families can send in their checks along with the participantís checks.

Entry Fee

Full time students and children 5 years & older:$12

Adults & Guests:$30
Full time students and children 5 years & older:$15
Children under 5:Free

Checks must be received by November 3rd, 2007: Please Add $5 per Person after the due date. Please note: Seats are limited. Reservation is strictly on first come first serve basis. Please reserve your entry by sending in your commitment via checks at the earliest. Entry will not be permitted at the gate either. During the last Holi and Diwali, we had to regretfully turn away guests at the gate.

Membership Info

Membership fee for the calendar year (January to December) of 2007 is $15 per family or $10 per person. Life membership fee is $150 per family. Please make sure to check your membership status on this flier’s address label.


Please note: In the future, to provide the information on time and be cost effective all program information will be communicated via emails. In order to be added to our members list, please include your email address on the membership form or email Sanjay Jain at Please do not depend on fliers as they may not be mailed.

Download IAMV Diwali Function & Membership Form

Advertisers and Sponsors

To reserve a spot on the Diwali Booklet or for more information, please contact Suresh Dewani at (978) 475-9245. There are other sponsor opportunities too. Please contact Jagdish Garg for more details at (978) 681-5845 by October 27 th.


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Indian Association of Merrimack Valley Sponsored Youth group

Based on several requests from many IAMV members, IAMV has started a youth group to provide our kids a chance to develop community spirit and leadership abilities, complete volunteer work for their college application and have fun.

Youth group has an executive team consisting of President, Vice President, Treasurer, General Secretary and Public Relations Lead. This would introduce our kids to various challenging roles and help develop leadership skills.

We are planning 5-7 activities as part of the youth group, which consists of:

  • Volunteer work, e.g. group did 2-hour volunteer work at Sutton Hill Center.
  • A program to celebrate a day with special significance to Indian community, e.g. Independence Day, Republic Day or Gandhi Jayanti.
  • Entertainment, e.g. a day at amusement park, movie or a get together at IAMV memberís house.

Based on above plan, youth group will be required to meet 10-14 times a year assuming at least one meeting prior to an event and the event itself.

Primary goals for the youth group:

  • Develop community spirit; give them a venue and opportunity to bond with each other.
  • Develop leadership abilities. This would be useful for their college application as well as any community activities. E.g. IAMV.
  • Integration of Indian community with the local community, e.g. town or local event planners.

We can’t do any of above without interest and involvement from you (parents of eligible youth, age 13-18). Please contact Vibhash Desai at

IAMV Executive Committee

Please note: In future, all program information will be communicated via emails. To be added to our members list, please include your email address on this form or email Sanjay Jain at

Check web-site for all programs, announcements and last minute changes

Indian Association of Merrimack Valley
104 High Street,
N. Andover, MA 01845