About Us





IAMV was born out of a desire to build a vibrant community of all people of Indian origin in this Merrimack Valley Area. It is a forum to help keep our unique Indian culture alive through the activities of our families and our children and to add to the cultural richness of this area of the world, that is now our home.

The Indian community is a special one - it is one of the most educated and enterprising groups in the area. IAMV is an organization committed to preserve and promote Indian culture, fellowship and fraternity among members of the Indian community in Merrimack Valley, to strive for their progress and prosperity, to foster unity and enrich harmony with other social groups.

IAMV works towards these objectives by arranging family-oriented cultural, social and religious programs, gatherings, talks, meetings and panel discussions. The Association adds richness of the cultural diversity of the region and become a window into the cultural heritage of India for the local community.